The Party Shuttle Story

Hello, my name is Laurence Wyke, and I used to be a professional soccer player for the Tampa Bay Rowdies. Currently, I play for the major team in Nashville.

The Party Shuttle story began in 2021 when I coached young players in the Tampa Bay community. After a year of coaching, I came across two fantastic players named Aiden and Sofia. Interestingly, their fathers were successful entrepreneurs and even better people. As coaching progressed, we began discussing our passions, and I shared my desire to pursue something after retiring from soccer. Although I had taken business classes and had many ideas, I never had the time or support system to implement them.

As a team player, I always took the lead in organizing cohesive activities, usually in the evenings! During my two-year stay in Tampa Bay, I had been on a few party buses for my friends' birthdays and it sparked the idea of improving the overall party bus experience. With Charles and Kevin's expertise, I delved deeper into the concept.

After several months of hard work, I am thrilled to announce the official launch of The Party Shuttle Inc. in early 2023. It brings me great joy to serve the wonderful people of Tampa Bay who have shown me immense support on the field.

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